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Tue, 18 Nov 2003 19:22:06 +0100

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Dear potential partner,

Your contact information has been extracted from the South African =
Information Exchange (SAIE) by a helpful friend of the family. Trusting the =
efficiency of the South African Information Exchange (SAIE) I deduce you are =
capable and reliable to handle this international transaction.

Allow me to shed some light on my reason for writing you. My name is Susan =
Gezi, the  daughter of Border Gezi a former Zimbabwean Minister for youth =
development, gender and employment creation. You might remember my father as =
the famous politician who stood firmly against President Mugabe's =
orchestration of continuous fighting in The Democratic Republic of Congo. He =
also disagreed with President Mugabe on the seizure of white owned farms and =
then redistributing them to his friends without compensation to the =
legitimate owners.
As a result of my father's fairness, he was killed on the 14th of April 2001 =
by a planned motor accident along Mashonaland in Western Mashona province of =
Zimbabwe. The government claimed that the perpetrators of this horrific act =
were dissident soldiers. However, it is widely known that these cowardly =
criminals had the backing of government officials and President Mugabe =
Prior to my father=92s death my father and I filled two boxes with Twenty Two =
Million United States Dollars in cash. These funds were initially meant for =
my father=92s political campaign in the election of March 2002 in Zimbabwe. =
This money my father got from foreign investors who wanted to see president =
Mugabe out of power, knowing the purpose of these funds my father chose not =
to put this money in a bank, for should president Mugabe find out the purpose =
of the money, he would make up a story to seize the funds. We transported =
these boxes through diplomatic means to a security firm in Europe. He then =
instructed me to take my brothers to leave Zimbabwe for our safety. 

We are currently residing in Johannesburg, South Africa, as asylum seekers. =
Due to this country=92s existing laws, which bear asylum seekers like us not =
to operate accounts that exceed US$2000.00, I decided to write you soliciting =
your help in retrieving the money kept in the box stored in Europe. We are =
not able to receive this large sum of money as suspicion will arise here in =
South Africa. We fear the rumours that President Robert Mugabe intends to =
confiscate all properties and assets belonging to top members of the opposing =
political party and their families. We therefore wish for to you travel to =
where the money is kept, there you will be met by my brother who will fly in =
from South Africa and accompany you to the security firm to collect the =
boxes. After the collection of the boxes you and my brother will go to a =
hotel room to divide the money.
I want to assure you that this transaction is 100% risk free. No other person =
knows about the existence of these boxes apart from my brothers and I so your =
discrepancy will be highly appreciated. 

As for your assistance, my brothers and I have resolved to give you 20% of =
the Twenty Two Million United States Dollars. 0.1% of the total amount will =
be set aside for the storage costs of the box (estimated costs =8016,000.00), =
travelling expenses to Europe, hotel bills and all telephone calls throughout =
this transaction. We plan to put the rest of the money in (mutual) investment =

If this business interests you, indicate your willingness to partake in this =
venture by replying to the above email address with your confidential =
telephone and fax numbers to enable us proceed in earnest towards concluding =
this transaction. My family=92s future security depends on this fund.

I do hope to establish a rewarding and good relationship with you after this =

Hoping to hear from you as soon as possible. 

Thanks for your anticipated co-operation.

Best regards,

Susan Gezi.